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Frequent questions


Because we love what we do and we want you to come back again with us. We want to offer you a memorable experience sharing all our knowledge and passion for cycling.

Tenerife offers spring temperatures throughout the year, with an average of between 20 and 22ºC.

In October and November it is still hot, but there is an increase in rainfall, but rainfall is short-lived. Tenerife sees fewer visitors this time of year, so if you do not like crowds this is a good time to come. During the winter the climate remains mild and the temperature drops to 15ºC. Overall, Tenerife has a good and balanced climate throughout the year.

The main climatic contrasts on the island are very evident especially during the winter months, when you can enjoy the warm sun on the coast and try the snow a few kilometers, at 3000 meters above sea level, on the Teide.

To book your extended experience, you can contact us through the Form at the bottom of this page.
Or through the various modules on all pages of the site.

The total balance of the tour cost is due no less than 60 days before the start date. If you do not pay your tour in full 90 days before the start date of the tour, PRO RIDE TENERIFE reserves the right to cancel the reservation and the deposit will be lost.
If, at the time of booking, less than 60 days are left to the start date of the tour, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Visit our dedicated page to find out about the services included in the PRORIDE tour!
If you travel alone, we will assign you a roommate of the same sex. There are no additional costs if we can not find you a roommate. If you are traveling as a couple, please indicate this when booking, in order to have a double bed. If you want your room, there is a surcharge of € 500 for the tour.

A group transfer on our Team Bus is always included! As guests arrive from different countries, on different flights and at different times, we nominate a convenient meeting point at Tenerife South airport on the morning of the first day, generally at 10.30.

If you arrive on a different day or at a different time, we will be happy to assist you with a private transfer at your expense. Once you have booked a tour, we will send you an email with all the information you need for your arrival and departure.

Save 5% on your next tour if you have already traveled with us.
Save 7% on your next tour if you have traveled with us FOR TWICE.
Save 10% on your next tour if you have traveled with us FOR THREE TIMES.

If you recruit some friends or find a group that joins you on one of our catalog tours, you can not only live with your best friends the experience of your life, but you can also save money on cost of the tour:

  • If you take 6 or 7 people on tour, excluding yourself, you get a 50% discount.
  • If you take 8 or 9 people on tour, excluding yourself, get a 75% discount.
  • If you tour 10 or more people excluding yourself, go on tour Free

All trips advertised on our site are open to the public, although we encourage friends, family members to come in groups. This makes the experience even more fun and rewarding. If you would like a private trip on the dates suggested by you, we will organize a private event for you.

This can happen on an existing itinerary or on a path that you, together, create. Usually we need a minimum of five customers to organize it

Cancellation and request for reimbursement must be received in writing as soon as possible. PRO RIDE TENERIFE will make no exception to our cancellation policy, regardless of personal or external factors. This includes but is not limited to weather conditions, personal emergencies, early departure or late arrival. Carefully consider your travel insurance level to cover these eventualities.

If the notification is received 90 days or more prior to the start of the tour, the tour payments may be transferred to another tour in the same year, subject to availability.
The cancellation fee and subsequent refund, if applicable, are calculated only on the basic tour fare.

Additional costs as a single supplement or other options are non-refundable.

  • MORE THAN 90 DAYS € 200 </ li>
  • 61-90 LOSS OF DEPOSIT DAYS </ li>
  • 31-60 DAYS 50% OF THE TOUR FEE </ li>
  • 30 DAYS OR LESS 100% OF THE TOUR FEE </ li>

After cancellation, if you subsequently book another tour in no more than 12 months, we will give you a 10% discount.

PRO RIDE TENERIFE reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time before departure. We will do our best to give at least 60 days notice before the start date of the tour.

We may be able to offer participation in an alternative tour, but if the alternative tour is not accepted by the client, any payment received will be reimbursed. In any case, the reimbursement of any payments received constitutes a complete agreement. We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance in a timely manner to cover other costs associated with your trip, such as air and rail tickets in case your tour is canceled.

If you book another tour within no more than 12 months we will give you a 10% discount.

PRO RIDE TENERIDE assumes no responsibility for companies or persons who do not provide services that have been contracted for one of our tours. If this happens, alternative services will be required.

During every day tour you will be accompanied by at least one bike guide, a Garmin GPS navigator and point-to-point driving directions. Generally we try to ride together as a group on a level and individually on the climbs and descents. You can pedal at your own pace, with the certainty of knowing exactly where you are.

The guides will advise the meeting points along the way and a support vehicle will accompany the group to the end, offering refreshments, bringing additional kits and providing assistance wherever required. Let’s start and finish together!

  • Road bikes (if you do not rent a bicycle through us)
  • A helmet
  • Your shoes and your pedals
  • A cycling kit for all conditions
  • Casual clothing for hot and fresh days.
If you prefer to leave your bike at home, you can rent a high-end bike with us. We will help you with assembly and we will make sure it is safe, comfortable and fast! We will send you a bike in order long before the tour in order to have your bike ready to use when you arrive in Tenerife.

Visit our “about us” page for more details on our rental bicycle fleet.

Of course! Be sure to bring all the specific spare parts you may need during the experience, as it may be difficult to find them on site.

Yes, one of our tour guides will be a professional mechanic. We will transport basic parts for minor repairs and maintenance will be carried out on the road. Any more serious mechanical problems will be managed at the end of the race. If you take your bike with you, the parts and repair costs will be charged to you.

Our groups are limited to 12 cyclists, so that everyone receives the best service from our professional staff. The number depends on the season but may be 6 to 12 people. This small number also guarantees a safe ride, but allows the group to have fun!

Our tours are designed for all cyclists ready to ride for 4-5 hours on challenging terrain. This is not a race, but not even an easy walk! This is not about speed, but about being able to drive in a small group, descend on mountain roads and climb for at least 20 km a day. We are happy to talk with you if you are not sure.

We encourage you to finish the race we planned for the day. That said, you determine how much you want to ride. You can, on any day, choose to take a short ride, lose the whole day or ask for more!

Our tours are fully supported! You will have an expert guide and a bike support all the way. The tour guides are at your service from early morning until late at night. We will take care of your bicycle, we will take care of your laundry, we will transfer your luggage, we will sweep the course, we will give you an encouraging word or a useful push, we will organize massages, the list will go on …

We advise you to book your trip as soon as possible as we only take a few people for each experience. In addition, you can take advantage of special offers for airline flights. Depending on availability and hotel accommodation, last minute bookings can be requested up to a week before the start date of the tour.

Usually we need a minimum of 5 people to start our tours. If a trip is to be canceled due to low numbers or circumstances beyond our control, we will make every effort to do so at least 60 days before the start date of the trip. We will recommend an alternative tour and in case you do not accept a full refund will be issued.

PRO RIDE TENERIFE assumes no responsibility for any loss, theft, accident or damage to persons or their personal belongings incurred before, during or after the tour.

As this is an active holiday, we strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance coverage that includes but is not limited to baggage, health, travel, accident, repatriation and cancellation charges. If you are taking your bicycle, we recommend that you check your insurance coverage in all circumstances at an appropriate value.

All international travel requires a passport valid for non-European citizens or national identity card if you are part of the EU. You may need an international driving license if you intend to drive abroad.

Yes, we are happy to reserve extra nights for you for our selected hotels. We have excellent relationships with the hotels and we get good prices for the groups. Note that our rates may not be as cheap as you might get using one of the many hotel booking sites, but we certainly spare you the trouble of changing room and wasting time!
Who does not ride is always welcome, there are activities for non-riders! Find out more at Welcome kit

Non-riders are equal members of the group and enjoy the same hotels, restaurants, activities as cycling, with the exception of the mechanic’s support. The price for non-riders provides a 15% discount.

All breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included. Food is an important part!
Local knowledge of our guides and cooking will drive dinner, which may not necessarily be at the hotel. Each city has its exceptional restaurants that provide the most delicious experience of regional cuisine to try.

The guides have an excellent knowledge of premium regional wines and will be able
to guide you in choosing among the superb varieties available while you are on tour. Guests can choose to contribute
at a wine fund, organized at the beginning of each tour. The amount will depend on the length of the tour, the region’s wine prices and how much you drink!

If you choose not to join the wine fund, you can buy your own alcoholic beverages any evening. You will be responsible for keeping track of your account and should be ready to pay cash every night for drinks you drink.
On each day of travel we provide, depending on the region and availability, fresh fruit,
sweet and savory snacks, food supplements and isotonic powders and, of course, water.
If you have specific needs, let us know and we will advise you if we can help you or if you have to bring yours.

It’s not a problem. Please let us know the details when booking and we will be able to meet your needs during the tour.

This decision is very personal. Every day you will need enough money for coffee, extra snacks and personal purchases. Alcohol is not included, so you can choose to join our wine fund and share the wine and drinks we order at dinner. Depending on your travel style, expect to spend about € 20- € 50 a day.

All our selected hotels have WiFi services. Speed and rates vary from one hotel to another. The connectivity in some locations like the mountains can be unreliable, but we have a free wifi service in the van.

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