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Our team mission

We are cyclists, LIKE YOU.
We are passionate, LIKE YOU.
We are looking for the perfect ride, LIKE YOU.
We believe that the details make the difference, LIKE YOU.

Our mission is to offer you a cycling experience that is usually limited to professionals, on the same roads and with even better on-road support. We want to be your sport director, your domestics, your road captains, your mechanic, your masseur and also your friends!

The Island of Tenerife is cycling paradise, offering a charming combination of ocean vistas and mountainous terrain with ideal cycling weather.


Founders and staff

Pro ride Tenerife was created by a group of people who have lived and breathed their bikes for years.

Leonilde Tresca
Leonilde TrescaFounder and Global Logistic Manager
Or simply Nilde !, founder and owner of Tresca Transformer srl for over 15 years, he has been building buses, trucks, cars with his family and managing logistic services for most of the professional cycling teams in the world.
Mirko Feira
Mirko FeiraFounder and Logistic Director of Tenerife and the Team Masseur
Founder and Logistic Director of Tenerife and the team’s masseur. Mirko is our massage therapist and he will fix the muscles after each run. He also takes care of the logistical and local contacts in Tenerife, where he leaves throughout the year.
Rinaldo Nocentini
Rinaldo NocentiniFounder, Intinerary Manager and Cycling Guide
Founder, Route Manager and Cycling Guide Rinaldo is our Pro Rider, our man inside the Peloton! When he does not travel around the world, Rinaldo lives in Tenerife and drives his bicycle on the same roads we use on our tours. It will be our Pro Tour guide who will share his racing experience with all our guests!
Federico Borselli
Federico BorselliQualified mechanic
Our Pro Tour bike mechanic, for more than 20 years serving professional teams such as bus drivers and more. In recent years it is a fundamental part of the Astana team. He will be your trusted mechanic with whom to share stories and passion for the bike


Stefano garzelli
Stefano garzelliCiclista professionista
Italian former professional road racing cyclist, who competed as a professional between 1997 and 2013. The high point of his career was his overall win in the 2000 Giro d’Italia, after a close three-way competition with Gilberto Simoni and Francesco Casagrande.
Serguei Ouchakov
Serguei Ouchakov Former professional cycle
Former Russian professional road racing cyclist, winner of stages in the three major laps.
The ’95 Tour de France stands out. Currently a collaborator of the Katusha team.



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